Sturup Flight School


It’s easier than you think to fulfil the dream of a lifetime: feeling the freedom when steering your airplane in three dimensions in the sky!

Malmö Airport is perfectly located for private pilots. In less than two hours you can easily get to Visby, Hamburg, Billund or Berlin. Or why not fly to Rönne in half an hour or to Rügen in 40 minutes?

Training as a private pilot takes just over a year. During that time you fly with a Flight Instructor and learn to handle the aircraft safely in all conceivable situations.

In addition, you attend a theory course, which gives you knowledge about, among other things, laws and regulations, how the aircraft works, meteorology and navigation.

After you have passed the written theoretical tests and the final practical flight exam, you can rent a plane whenever you want and you are trusted to be part of the air traffic system and coexist with all other traffic at the airport and in the air. The first certificate you take gives you the right to fly during the day in clear weather.

After that, there is a short additional training for night flying and the opportunity to proceed with instrument rating to be able to fly even when visibility is limited.

Malmö Airport is an optimal airport to learn to fly at. You will learn to handle the traffic and radio communication at a major airport right from the start, which provides increased security when you then go out on your own. At the same time, the airport is not so large that waiting times or long taxiways are a problem.


Get started by submitting a non-binding application using the form below, and we will contact you for a meeting or a trial lesson as an introduction. If you then think that it still seems exciting and fun, you can then enroll in our school and start pursuing your dream.

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    PPL certificate

    PPL (A), (Private Pilot License, Aircraft)
    The “classic” motor aircraft license that gives you the opportunity to fly single engine piston aircraft up to 5.7 tons and 7 people. – The certificate can be upgraded with Night Qualification, Instrument Rating, etc.

    • This is what you should start with even if you are considering a career as a professional pilot.
    • The practical training is 45 flying hours with a Flight Instructor. Approximately SEK 2 500 per flight lesson including teacher.
      Price: approx. SEK 120 000

    LAPL certificate

    LAPL (A), (Light Airplane Pilot License, Aircraft) LAPL
    Is a relatively new form of license which is a simplification of PPL and applies to aircraft up to 2000 kg and a maximum of 4 people. – This license can be upgraded with a Night Qualification, but not much more.

    • It is the same theory training and test as for PPL, but instead of 45 hours you fly 30 hours. Approximately SEK 2 500 per flight lesson including teacher.
      Price: approx. SEK 90 000

    How Does It Work?

    General information

    To be allowed to start the training, it is required that you:

    • are at least 17 yo
    • are a member of the flight club
    • undergo an aviation medical examination

    To ensure that there is no impediment to obtaining the certificate upon completion of education, the applicant also requests an extract from his/her criminal record.

    The cost of taking a PPL is about SEK 120 000 and a LAPL about SEK 90 000. The training normally takes about 1 year, but you can even stretch it over a longer period to take it at your own pace.

    The cost of the whole education is spread over the whole period (e.g. you will pay after each flight lesson). The theory packages, including lesson material (e-study/home study) of SEK 9 500, are a lump sum.

    Additional costs you should take into consideration are:

    • maps and personal calculator
    • costs for the Swedish Transport Agency’s theory tests
    • medical certificates


    The theory training takes place mainly as distance learning in collaboration with and contains nine subjects:

    • Aircraft General Knowledge (structure and functions of aircraft)
    • Aerodynamics and Principles of Flight
    • Meteorology
    • Aviation Radiotelephony
    • Flight Operational Procedures
    • Air Traffic System and Aviation Safety Standards
    • Navigation
    • Aircraft Performance and Flight Planning
    • Human Factors (Human Performance and Limitations)

    Price theory lessons SEK 9 900 including material. Additional costs apply for maps, flight computer (approx SEK 150), and airport plates.

    Theoretical Examinations

    Before starting with Solo flights as a part of your practical training, you will have to take a theoretical and practical test in aeronautical radiotelephony.

    A theoretical “Solo test” to ensure that adequate knowledge has been obtained prior to solo flight will also be carried out.

    The theory tests are taken at the club and must all be passed before the Solo Cross-Country exercise.

    Practical Flight Training

    The practical flight training is carried out in the club’s PA28 181 Archer III or Diamond DA40 TDIG 1000 in parallel with the theory and is located at Sturup Flight Club.


    • minimum 45 hours of total flight time
    • at least 25 hours with Flight Instructor onboard
    • at least 10 hours solo flight


    • minimum 30 hours of total flight time
    • at least 15 hours with Flight Instructor onboard
    • at least 6 hours solo

    NQ (night qualification)

    • minimum 5 hours flight time
    • at least 3 hours with Flight Instructor

    The practical flight training includes, among other things:

    • Daily inspection of the aircraft
    • Taxiing and handling on the ground at different types of airports
    • Climbing and descending, plane flight and gliding
    • Slow flight, stalls and spins
    • Turns, normal and steep
    • Take-off and landing
    • Power-off / emergency landing training
    • Procedures in the traffic circuit at different types of airports
    • Navigation exercises

    When your Flight Instructor together with the school’s Head of Training assess that you are ready for the final Practical Flight Test, an Examiner appointed by the Swedish Transport Agency for a practical test is contacted.

    NQ, Night Qualification

    NQ is an additional certification to both PPL and LAPL. Approximately SEK 2 500 per flight lesson including teacher.

    The pilot must have at least LAPL (A) with SEP (land) or TMG or LAPL (S) with TMG. Otherwise, the candidate must meet general requirements for flying the aircraft as a pilot-in-command. The pilot must not have a medical certificate that limits the flight to daytime, marked with VCL in the field of restrictions.

    Course content

    Theoretical training / briefing with written or oral exams

    6 flight hours, of which at least:

    • 3 flight hours with flight instructor (DK)
    • 1 flight hour navigation flight with flight instructor (DK) of at least 27 nm
    • 5 full-stop landings as pilot-in-command (EK)

    Additional requirements for pilots with LAPL:
    1 flight hour with instrument flight corresponding to requirements for PPL (A)


    • Online Theory SEK 1 000 that you can take from home
    • 6 hours flight approx. SEK 17 000

    (If you come from another club, you can get guest membership for SEK 330 to complete your NQ training with us).

    NQ season stretches from mid-September to April.

    If you want to start NQ, email the Head of Training Mikael Sörensson: sturupflygklubb (at)